Plastiki: adventure stories & a big message

The Royal Geographical Society named Plastic Ocean Cleanup one of the great problems of the 21st century. Plastiki is one example of how an adventure story can raise public awareness.


They featured David de Rothschild and his Plastiki Voyage to raise awareness.

David de Rothschild

Founder of Adventure Ecology and leader of the Plastiki exhibition

David de Rothschild is an adventurer, environmentalist who uses exploration and storytelling as a way to give nature a voice. David’s passion and commitment to action has seen him ski, dogsled and kite to both the North and South poles as well as visiting some of the world’s most remote and fragile regions in order to bring wide-spread media attention and, moreover, solutions to urgent global environmental issues.

From March to July 2010, David and a crew of five undertook the latest expedition, the Plastiki, sailing across the Pacific Ocean on a catamaran made buoyant by 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles to beat waste.


David is recognized as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Clean up the World Ambassador, UNEP Climate Hero and a Young Global Leader respectively.

Quotes from David de Rothschild:
”Here it was this amazingly disgusting manifestation of modern consumerism swirling across our oceans.”
”Maybe it isn’t plastic that we should blame, but more our inability to understand and use it and more importantly how we dispose of it.”
”I created a vessel to show waste as a resource.”

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