Resilient Cities Partner Platform


The new Partner Platform, announced on October 15, 2015 extends the original Clinton Global Initiative announcement.

Resilience is defined as the ability to respond and adapt both to chronic stresses and to acute shocks. The December 2, 2013 announcement selected the first thirty-three cities out of more than one thousand applications. The second round selected another thirty-five “resilient cities” listed below, making a total of 67 resilient cities selected.

Among the winners: One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, withstanding shocks for eight millennia. An African city harmonizing climate change adaptation, biodiversity, planning, management and water security. And a city in South America with landslides and forest fires, situated in the shadow of a volcano. Alameda was selected, then deselected.

The First Group – 32 Cities


Dakar (Senegal)
Durban (South Africa)

Central and South America

Medellín (Colombia)
Mexico City (Mexico)
Porto-Alegre (Brazil)
Quito (Ecuador)
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


Bristol (UK)
Glasgow (UK)
Rome (Italy)
Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Vejle (DK)

Middle East

Ashkelon (Israel)
Byblos (Lebanon)
Ramallah (Palestine)

North America

Berkeley (CA)
Boulder (CO)
El Paso (TX)
Jacksonville (FL)
Los Angeles (CA)
New Orleans (LA)
New York City (NY)
Norfolk (VA)
Oakland (CA)
San Francisco (CA)


Christchurch (New Zealand)
Melbourne (Australia) 

South Asia

Surat (India)

Southeast Asia

Bangkok (Thailand)
Da Nang (Vietnam)
Mandalay (Myanmar)
Semarang (Indonesia)

The Second Group – 35 Cities


Accra (Ghana)
Arusha (Tanzania)
Enugu (Nigeria)
Kigali (Rwanda)

Latin America and the Caribbean

Cali (Colombia)
Juarez (Mexico)
San Juan (United States)
Santa Fe (Argentina)
Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic)
Santiago, Metropolitan Region (Chile)


Athens (Greece)
Barcelona (Spain)
Belgrade (Serbia)
London (Great Britain)
Lisboa (Portugal)
Milan (Italy)
Paris (France)
Thessaloniki (Greece)

Middle East

Amman (Jordan)

North America

Boston (United States)
Chicago (United States)
Dallas (United States)
Montreal (Canada)
Pittsburgh (United States)
St. Louis (United States)
Tulsa (United States)


Sydney (Australia)
Wellington City (New Zealand)

South, Southeast, and East Asia

Bengaluru (India)
Chennai (India)
Deyang (China)
Huangshi (China)
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Singapore (Singapore)
Toyama (Japan)

There is now a Resilient Cities Archive, covering the work of the 100 cities selected for the Resilient Cities program. Image CreditSanFrancisco from TwinPeaks dusk MC.jpg


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