In 1967 in the film The Graduate a young Dustin Hoffman was advised to “go into PLASTIC.” The media and entertainment industries have power to influence industry and the public. Plastic production has increased twenty fold in 50 years. Now the media has a new message.
earthDECKS is a Knowledge platform for “Game*Changer” Stories & Model Projects. The meta-map above shows how the database of Open Street Map grew, from 2004 on, with crowd-sourced data from a million+ cartographers. Hot pink shows newly mapped areas, blue and green are older.
Image Credit: Mapbox, Wired
Game*Changers celebrates thought leaders, innovators, and the role of collaborative intelligence in addressing hard problems.
Game*Changers, thought leaders, the media, innovators of new tools & technology – all enable distributed global networks to face global challenges. Above: Sylvia Earle.
3d binary